WuppDays #13 Bad Dürrenberg

Over New Year's Eve 2016 many yuniteers went to the new WuppHaus Badue. So many announced their visit, that spontaneous WuppDays were hold.

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The very first WuppHaus: The train station in Bad Dürrenberg, close to Leipzig.
More info on the house can be found in the dedicated wiki space or on the WuppHaus homepage


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Retrospective blog post

The WuppDays #13 as described in the yunity heartbeat from the 8th of January:

Apart from normal WuppHaus developments, this time we had internal WuppDays in Badue! Over Christmas and New Year's a lot of yuniteers gathered in the cold but friendly train station, which - by the way - now has a fully equipped kitchen, a comfy sleeping room with mattresses, a heatable living room with matching sofas and a compost toilet with detailed explanations... (wink)

Look at these new pictures capturing the new look and feel of the rooms!

Other challenges, which turned out to be easily solvable contained the following:

  • The WiFi was enough for over 20 people with laptops and smartphones!
  • Thanks to almost everybody bringing food we even had too much at some point!
  • The sleeping spaces got warmer and even more cozy with all those lovely people there!

During the Badue WuppDays we talked about tons of different topics and questions, including the following:

  • How can we make it easier for interested people to contribute?
  • How can we effectively encourage people to contribute more?
  • Which tools do we want to use to work together?
  • What is going to happen over the next months?

As you can probably imagine, there have been a lot of different answers to these pretty vague questions. The first three heavily touch our general organizational structure and how we communicate and there is not one simple answer to any of them. What enlivens the discussion is also the question if we should sacrifice a certain degree of user friendliness and the benefit of being used to the proprietary tools already in use (like Slack and Confluence) for the sake of supporting open source software, which - of course - would be truer to our values. More on this topic can be read further down in IT-service and Onboarding.

When it comes to the question of what is going to happen over the next months, there have been three topics governing the talks:

  • Going to Spain
  • Getting two houses in Wurzen
  • Planning WuppDays XXL in Berlin

Just to make it clear: We don't plan on abandoning the train station in Bad Dürrenberg! It's actually the contrary, because since we are so many people with different skills, interests and dreams, we think we now can do more than one project at once! Spain would be only temporary anyways - and as part of the FSINT/FSWW tours it's not even new... - and it could replenish the energy of the people wupping in the first ever acquired WuppHaus with all the nice sunshine and Mediterranean flair it would provide. Wurzen is just as far from Leipzig as Badue is, just on the east instead of the west and could thus serve as a base for the people working on rebuilding the train station, too. Berlin WuppDays are always great opportunities to recruit people who are not too far away to also lend a hand in Badue... (wink)

And to erase every last doubt that we love our first house, just watch this new - and pretty long - video collage that collects snapshots from the WuppHaus for you to get a glimpse of the feel we enjoy there everyday. You can see the new order in the kitchen and food storage and the general spirit of communal living, that was established even further during these winterly WuppDays due to the big amount of people coming by.