A proposal for values of yunity

We agreed in Harzgerode that for us the term group values signifies a set of values, which we thrive to fulfill. It should be a list of commonly shared ideas, which guide our behaviors. On top of that it can serve as a slight control mechanism, to figure out, if what we do or how we act fits in the network we chose to be a part of.

For now, there is no order in the listing of these values.


  • To work together on projects, which take us closer to the commonly shared vision.
  • To find people pursuing the same goals and interests, instead of doing everything by ourself.
  • To make our results accessible and share whatever insight or product is reached.


  • To be as aware as possible, be it of our direct surroundings, of other people's perspectives or of the implications of our actions.
  • To behave in a way, that is thoughtful and considerate.
  • To gain joy from the smallest things, because we really perceives them.

Openmindedness and tolerance

  • To be able to accept difference, be it difference in opinion, approach or lifestyle.
  • To try and stay flexible in our conviction, always knowing that our most basic assumptions could be wrong.
  • To avoid arrogance and dominance by understanding that diversity is a blessing and not a curse.

Openness and honesty

  • To be willing to reflect on differing perspectives, as well as productive criticism. (intake)
  • To be willing to share, what's important to us, without being afraid to put people off. (output)

Self-determination and freedom

  • To be able to decide on our own, which responsibility to take on.
  • To see our own freedom dependent on the freedom of others.
  • To understand that true freedom is not selfish and that independence doesn't exist.

Sustainability and efficiency

  • To act in a way, that does the least harm possible to the environment.
  • To aim for our work to be of long-lasting significance.
  • To make use of processes and technologies, that enable us to require less time and resources to achieve a set goal.


  • To be ourselves, standing fearless in our own truths.
  • To understand our own driving forces and to not be ashamed of them.
  • To align thoughts and actions in a way that makes sense according to our own conviction.

Respect and appreciation

  • To behave in a way that transports a generally positive attitude towards people, even if we disagree with them.
  • To give feedback using a tone, that transports the content most productively.
  • To not hesitate to express appreciation, if felt.


  • To expect people to do the best they're capable of.
  • To trust, that people are good at the core.
  • To be willing to see unknown people as possible friends rather than threats.


  • To be active instead of passively waiting for something to happen.
  • To feel empowered and legitimate in deciding our own plans of action and to not be afraid to get started.
  • To actualize ideas and make our vision a reality by putting in our own hands' and mind's work.