WuppBreak September 2016


Date: 2016-08-29 til 2016-09-25

Attendance sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fgASSPAPgS8gjGabqtO_syZewbHU4LNDW1n7MjJXjOg/edit

Please join the #wuppbreak channel before you arrive! If you aren't in our Slack yet, join here!


This former farm belongs to Tilmann's parents. One building to eat/sleep/work, another building for storage and workshop. Big garden area to camp. Campfire place. Can host around 25-35 pax.

  • 4 toilets, including 1 compost toilet
  • 3 showers, including 1 outdoor shower
  • 2 WuppRooms for desk work, plus 1 outdoor work area with roof
  • 8 proper beds, 6 improvised beds, lots of space to put a sleeping bag, plus space for 10-15 tents
  • Big tent to make fire inside (similar to this)
  • Plants and trees growing lots of fruit and vegetables
  • Dumpster diving in ~7 and ~9 kms
  • 5 bikes, 2 cars that we could use if needed
  • 2 fridges, 1 big freezer
  • Internet: ADSL with 2 MBit (this is going to be too slow for downloading stuff) EDIT: Internet upgrade to 25 MBit fiber!
  • Bad phone reception (O2 works, others less)

Getting there

Address: Neuried 5, 85229 Markt Indersdorf

The place is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, so it might be a challenge to get there without own car.

By train/bus: From Munich, there is some public transport to get here. Use the travel planner http://efa.mvv-muenchen.de with these destinations, sorted by distance to goal:

  • Neuried (Indersdorf), Neuried
  • Ainhofen (Obb), Ainhofen
  • Lanzenried (Kr DAH), Lanzenried
  • Hilgertshausen, Post

By Hitchhiking: from A9, get off in Allershausen and then to Neuried.
From A8, get off in Odelzhausen, to Markt Indersdorf, then to Neuried.


  • Collecting huge amounts of homegrown fruits and vegetables
  • Cooking and preserving food
  • Making campfire & barbecue
  • Making & listening to music
  • Jump on trampoline
  • Wiki-Editing
  • Planning
  • Coding


  • Build an outdoor oven with mud - foundation is done, needs the burning chamber (Tilmann)
  • Get the WuppHideout back into shape - it's the tall wooden building in two of the pictures (Tilmann)
  • General woodworking things (big grin)


Some impressions