2018-03-28 Mini Roadmap Meeting

Location: Kanthaus Wurzen, Cloud Room
Participants: Tilmann, Matthias, Nick, Janina
Notary: Janina

It's 1 month after last hackweek started and today Lukas' pr was merged. Matthias' should get merged soon as well.
- We need to get clarity again about what we're working on to also be able to inform others.
- Next hackweeks could be in July/August, then Nick might be back in Wurzen.

What do we want to do over the next 3/4 months?

Tilmann: No bigger plans so far, but many little things. The RailsGirls thing will happen and need some time. Unsure if I want to start something bigger now, or just help with the small bits. Probably the latter to also spend some time away from the computer. Communicating with other devs ois fine, also maintenance work like updating dependencies, locales and such. Progressing the repo merge and getting the CI nice.
--> Mostly focus on maintenance and writing in github issues and Slack

Matthias: Unsure about committment in the next months. PR should definitely be finished. General feeling of being overwhelmed and that Karrot is a bit too much to help with on top of other things.

Nick: Will be away for some time, so contribution rate will drop accordingly. Hard to guarantee anything, probably not a lot of computer time in April and May. Somehow sad, cause there's such a nice flow right now - with both karrot and foodsharing. But maybe some remote contributions will be possible, we'll see. Right now starting telegram integration and doesn't want to leave with things lingering. Will progress communication with Clément and see where that goes. Maybe also engage with foodsharing Scotland.

Janina: wants to become a Rails Girl, but that starts after June. Focus on communication, do more karrot user calls about every two months. To get users more involved, relay feature discussions to the foodsaving worldwide facebook group. Rewrite our foodsaving.world page to make updating content easier.

Important topics of the past weeks and months

Notifications: Massive step done by making the mails generally work. Not perfect, needs still a lot of fiddling - how much though? Feedback necessary! Are store subsciptions really the thing needed right now? Are there too many or too few mails? Do people know how to disable them or do they get annoyed?

Group approval: Probably not super important by itself right now. But part of the bigger process of improving user control. Smaller groups don't need it, but bigger groups requested it. Should we focus on serving the bigger groups or on nurturing the newer, smaller groups?

Nick's group agreement: Basically hidden feature so far. First user becomes membership manager and can assign someone the agreement manager role. The agreement can be visible but accepting it or not doesn't have any implications except seing a red warning bar or not. Seems on hold until nice mechanisms of distributing roles will be worked on. Classic admin roles are perceived as a step back and won't be implemented.

Feature discussion about rules/membership status thingies

Pickup role: To get it a new members needs to agree to the agreement, fill out profile, be approved. Only afterwards they can do stuff. Before maybe wall messages are enabled but nothing more.
Preliminary member: Not even really a member of the group, can't even see the pickups or store details. Just a teaser role basically.

Important and recurring questions

What should we think about more:
- What is keeping groups from starting to use karrot vs. what would benefit existing users?
- What is easy to fix vs. what is more complex?
- What users request vs. what we infer they actually need?
- What helps them grow the movement inside vs. outisde karrot

→ It should always be a healthy mixture of both. We need to find the balance again and again as it seems...

Afterwards the roadmap file and its issues were slightly updated. This only happened in a light version though, as we did not go through every single issue to redecide in which milestone it belonged.