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Here is a space for research about existing Health Systems, e.g. the official ones of different countries, but also private alternatives, that seem interesting.


Links shared in #network_health on Slack:

Be aware of the CC0 licencing of this wiki, when you copy content from other resources! If in doubt don't copy, but rephrase, rewrite or simply link!

Health Instinct (shared by Anna O'Neill)

  • Great resource base on 'instinctual health'.

OPENCARE: What happened in year 1 (shared by Anna O'Neill)

  • Project that is looking at community generated health care/support.

Medizin und Menschlichkeit (shared by Rosina Klotz)

  • Network to connect people with medical background/interests for more humanity in the system, political change etc. (in German)

Where there is no doctor (shared by Douglas Webb)

  • Holistic book about practical health and treatment geared towards '3rd world' countries but a lot of it is still applicable. The whole thing is illustrated.

Quality-adjusted life year (shared by Douglas Webb)

  • Crash-course into the health economics used in most of the Western world to decide which treatments to provide and which are too expensive.
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