Lamâsching introduction

Welcome, lovely person! You might be here because somebody wants you to learn about lamâsching. Don't be afraid, even if you already know that it has to do with physical contact between human beings, you are currently reading an internet page (probably even being alone - although having trustful people around you would allow you trying this out afterwards) and have nothing to fear.

So what is lamâsching?

Lamâsching involves at least two people, preferably more. It is all about feeling great and sharing great feelings on a physical level. That may involve giving and receiving hugs, soft stroking, touching different parts of other peoples' bodies. Everybody will respect your privacy and expect the same from you, that is why lamâsching is considered safe (see Lamâsching Protocol (Elina's School) for details).

What is lamâsching not?

Lamâsching is not a gathering of crazy people that want to grope you. Although every body may react differently on warm-hearted touch - especially when not being used to - it should not be considered as a sexual act. 

Lamâsching Dos

  • Immediately speak out, stop or leave the activity if you feel uncomfortable.
  • Speak out if you are unsure about what you are doing or get the feeling a person may feel uncomfortable.
  • Use your hands to touch the people around you.
  • You may stroke with soft pressure, so it feels nice.
  • Bring your body close to other bodies to give and get a warm feeling.
  • You may focus on an invidivual person for some time to create a more intense experience if you feel like it.
  • Try out using other parts of your body to reach people as well (feet, arms, maybe head, nose, mouth).

Lamâsching Don'ts

  • This is not a sexual activity, so don't act like it.
  • No touching of private/intimate body parts except this is agreed (also be careful/ask before touching head when new people are around you).
  • Respect any limits people communicate.
  • No kissing (except in an agreed area - the founders of the lamâsching culture did not see such a school yet).

Further reading

A very good read is the warmly expressed experience from Tilmann (Lamâsching Culture). Afterwards, read about different lamâsching schools, try it out and create your own! (smile)