Hackathon Berlin, 2016-10-07/09

A weekend dedicated to hacking on yunity and foodsharing.de
From Friday, 07/10 7pm to Sunday, 09/10 midnight (officially but we will need some time to clean up)
We will work at the Co-Up - a hacking space used by Coding Amigos on Friday evenings.

  • Attendance sheet
  • Wiki space Hackathon, intended to be used by developers during the Hackathon: getting started (specs and setups), project ideas, etc.
  • Slack channel #hackathon-berlin

This is the text we have been sending to hacking spaces and Berlin foodsharing forums:

Coding for Change - A hackathon dedicated to prevent waste and to expand the movement of sharing

Purpose_1yunity.org would like to invite you to join the endeavour to look into the existing foodsharing.de php-code. The website helps over 150.000 people to save food and to share it with others. 
Challenge_1: 4 years ago foodsharing.de was programmed by a single programmer - “quick and dirty” as developers say. There are problems with the readability and extensibility of the code.

Purpose_2: yunity is developing a foodsaving tool (in multi-languages) to bring the foodsharing movement worldwide. We got over 50 inquires from people who want to start foodsharing at their local place. Together with the tool, yunity will be going to these places to support the kick-start and to connect local sharing initiatives (like free-shops, repair-cafes, urban gardening, etc.) through a common interest: food.
Challenge_2: yunity is looking for developers with experience in Python and AngularJS who would like to join the development team.

When: Start: 07.10.2016, 19:00 - End: 09.10.2016 Midnight
At 8pm on Friday we'll give an introductory presentation, to which you are all warmly invited!
Where: 5th floor, co.up Coworking, Adalbertstr. 8, 10997 Berlin (see http://co-up.de/about.html for detailed instructions on how to get in)

Join us: If you want to code along, write yourself down here:
Join yunity on slack: https://slackin.yunity.org/ - #hackathon-berlin
Mail us: mail@yunity.org
Just come by, come as you are :)


On the 5th floor: a common area with some working space, couches and a little kitchen. A small meeting room. Two big rooms with desks, chairs, computers, plants and decorations. Can use Taïs's flat for cooking as well if necessary (500 meters away).
May get access to the 3rd floor as well, most likely for non-code related activities.

Accommodation: It is possible to sleep there (couches and lots of floor room for mattresses) but not ideal. We will spread yuniteers people around different flats, and new hackers will most likely be Berlin-based.


Tilmann B.

Preparing code and tasks

Nick Sellen.

Preparing code and tasks

Tais Real.

Cooking, organizing,
product talks

Philip Engelbutzeder.

Contacting, organizing possible Berlin WuppDays (05/20-10)

...you ?

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