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foodsharing is a project that works towards the goal of ending food waste. We believe that the way food is treated in affluent modern consumer societies lacks the appreciation fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat and all other imaginable edible products deserve. Seeing perfectly fine food going to waste for petty reasons like broken packagings, arbitrarily set best before dates, little optical deficits or logistical problems motivates us to voluntarily spend hours of unpaid work to save as many of these valuable resources as possible.

We see the product in its entirety, meaning that we are aware of the impact production, transportation, processing, packaging and advertisement have on the environment as well as on human conditions. All the energy used – be it electric or put in by humans – should be respected by not simply throwing away the outcome of this complex and elaborate process, but making it available to the people.

foodsharing empowers people of all ages, working areas and social backgrounds to come together and unite for a common goal: to reduce waste and to create awareness for a sustainable way of living. 

Whatever food we save will be consumed: either by ourselves, our friends, family and flatmates, or by other people who can prepare and eat it before it spoils. Other possibilities are events where saved food is used to bring people together through cooking or we just donate it to organizations who can make good use of it like refugee camps or soup kitchens for the poor.

Every store that cooperates with us and/or other initiatives pursuing similar approaches is very much appreciated!


(template infosheet for stores by Janina Abels)


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