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The following table is meant to offer a rough overview of the wishes and circumstances of frequent lamâschers, to make judging situations of physical closeness more doable. Still, metacommunication is appreciated and full clarity of the nature of a relationship can only be found in direct face-to-face conversations!


Suggestions for categories describing 'Lamâsching Availability':

  • 'I love being touched whenever possible'
  • 'I like being touched occasionally and appreciate specifically designated lamâsching spaces'
  • 'I like cuddling with one person at a time much more than being in a lamâschy group situation'
  • 'I can be touched occasionally but don't value lamâsching piles'
  • 'I don't want to be touched occasionally but may join lamâsching if I feel like it'
  • 'I will always decide case by case'
  • 'Please don't touch me, I will approach you if I ever feel the need' 

Keep in mind!

The preferences stated here are subject to fluid changes due to the open and flexible emotional approach the full incorporation of the yunity mindset encourages. Also, every day and every hour is different: If someone loves to cuddle during the night, (s)he may want to concentrate on work during the day and find lamâsching intermezzos distracting.

Assumptions about specific individuals' whishes and circumstances are to be avoided and open communication is to be pursued.


PersonLamâsching AvailabilityPreferred School of LamâschingAmorous StatusSexual Orientation
I love being touched whenever possibleJanina's School, Joachim's school

newly poly,
in a long-term relationship with Lucas Scheliga, freshly in love with Tilmann, motherly mistress of Kaiser Mikato

Anja KonhäuserI love being touched by people I sympathize withnot concentrated on one single school


heterosexual tendencies
Zed RedstoneI love touching and affectionJanina's Schoolsingle / (separated for three years)
Hans-Christian EickI desire touch and affection : )freestyle
pls don't Sadomâsch me too hard, thx.
recently broken up, still a little wounded, I find it hard to come up with the courage to fall in love again, right nowheterosexual, but I like men for everything non-erotic : )
I love being touched anywhereJanina's School and Sadomâsching

single, enslaved by Janina Abels

Whatever Janina Abels says

Currently: casual, with focus on well-being and talkingEverything from soft to serious, depending on the mood and consent.

In love with Janina Abels and many others

Joachim ThomeI like being touched most of the time, when i do not like it i make this physically or verbally clear without blaming anyone for the attemptJoachims schoolhappily poly, most of the time open for additional long term partnerships and meaningful one night stands (smile)
Taïsenjoy lamâsch most of the time (preferred timeframe 2 to 5pm on Sundays)

no fingers in holes and no pimple scratching please (Bodhi)

in a very stable, very long-term, very open and very understanding relationship with Bassim
touch me if you can (wink)freestylesingleheterosexual
out of orderSadomâschingmarried, 5 kids from different womanbisexual
CilleI love being touched whenever possible.. And I’m ready to say no thanks if it’s not the right time for me...Janina's School, Joachim's schoolPoly, have lovers here and there..pansexual
You will get a feeling for that while being around me. I don't hesitate to object to undesired touching.honestyI enjoy talking in person to people about personal topics. Don't hesitate to ask (smile)<------ same idea (wink)
Every moment, every shared now and here.I never liked schools. I’m taking the journey of experience and exploration. Welcoming everyone, who likes to flow around.No expectations, no worries. I’m in a relationship to everything, or nothing. I choose to have conscious relationships. Currently especially interested in the idea of muses.“Making love”
come on, take part!

YOU want to be in this list...^^


In August 2016 voices have been raised criticizing the unclear interpersonal relationships in lamâsching circles. It is true, since nobody wears a sign stating their mood, expectations and wishes it can be hard to figure out what is appropriate to do in a given situation. This general issue was already raised in the initial stages of lamâsching culture, without offering a fixed solution. Following the definition lamâsching is "to really, truly, deeply appreciate someone's presence" and also to express this sentiment physically. The amount of time spent on this expression or the intensity of doing so, however, is not specified.

The initial call for participation in this page can be found in this personal article by Janina Abels.

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    2. i interviewed them and these were the answer they gave me

  3. I like to see people developing sensitivity when contact is appreciated when not. Words, body language, situation etc.

    Are you shure about you're personal informations you'll added. Saw you're also in the socialexperiment channel in slack. (wink)
    Janina Abels

    same, for others who enterd informations.
    Kaiser Mikato

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