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The study of cuddling and body contact, which is frequently taking place in physical gatherings of yuniteers.

Etymology (word origin)
Definition within yunity



Derived from "la mâche" [French]: corn salad.
Germanized by adding an 's'.
Then naturally adapted to English word formation paradigms by adding the 'ing' over time.

Unconditional love in the stricter yunity sense.

to lamâsch


Started out as 'lamâschen' (following the German word formation and conjugation paradigm) but was mostly used in English-speaking contexts and thus changed to fit them better.

To really, truly, deeply appreciate someone's presence.

Can also be applied to the physical action of caressing others while feeling said appreciation.

Since body contact is intimate and everybody sets their boundaries differently confusion is to be expected!
We all experience it and figure out how to deal with it on the go, so don't think you are the only one if a situation arising during lamâsching puzzles you and don't be afraid to address it verbally! 

The significance of lamâsching is perceived differently by every yuniteer. Some consider it an existential part of their vision of yunity, while others don't.
If you like the project in general, but don't fancy all this touching, it is no problem at all! Nobody has to participate in lamâsching to be part of yunity! 


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  1. Body sharing..... ! ! ! ! 

    1. Can you maybe elaborate on this? ^^

    2. Now it's physical interaction!

      1. Ooooh what a shame... I really liked 'body sharing'... :3
        And Tais Real never stated clearly if her reaction above was to be interpreted as resistance or amazement, did she? ^^ 

        1. On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate those for describing what we are talking about:

          • body culture
          • body sharing
          • physical interaction
          • unconditional love
          • cuddling
          • unconditional intimacy
          1. Given that 1 means 'fits least' and 10 means 'fits perfectly', I'd say

            • body culture 1
              • Sounds more like something about cosmetics and fitness to me.
            • body sharing 8
              • My favourite, as you know...^^
            • physical interaction 4
              • Too technical. Also it elicits a quite sexual interpretation for me.
            • unconditional love 7
              • That's what it is on an emotional level, but without the mention of physical activity.
            • cuddling 8
              • That's what it technically is, but without the explicit attitude of unconditionality.
            • unconditional intimacy 6
              • Like 'physical interaction', this sounds pretty sexual to me.

            So in general I'm in favor of 'body sharing', because it uses the term 'sharing' and because 'unconditional love/intimacy' sound too hippie or sexual to me. (Just my personal opinion, though...^^)

            1. Unconditional cuddling it is (big grin) Yeees, I'm annoying!

              1. That's actually not the worst one that came up so far...^^
                But body sharing sounds much more fun to me (and also holds the possibility to include Joachim Thome's school of lamâsching (wink)).

                And most importantly: How dare you get rid of our precious corn salad so easily?! xD 

  2. Oh great! We have the Lamaschology, finally!