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There are many foodsaving initiatives all over the world. With further growth, they need more support with organization. Let's code a modern and sleek tool to help them!

Visit the live site and give us feedback on Slack in #karrot-dev or in our GitHub repository!


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Check out the README file for general introduction, read the change log for an overview of recent changes and have a look at the roadmap for planned features and brainstorming results.

Development process


Our development process is quite informal and will flexibly adapt to our needs. Feel free to contact us with anything that would make it easier for you to contribute and let's talk about it!

Development team


Work is currently focusing on the frontend. It is built with AngularJS 1.5, in a modern component-based style. Read more about the contribution guidelines in

The backend is written in Django (Python) with the REST Framework and is currently in a stable state. If you find a bug or miss something in the API, please write an issue in GitHub. Future development in the backend is driven by the feature request in the frontend repo, e.g. after feedback from actual users.

Potential users

Because we are at the beginning of the development process, we all agree on which very basic important features should be worked on first.

We want our feature requests to come directly from the foodsaving communities in practice, their needs and desires and we already collected some feedback!

Our first testing communities are Foodsharing Bilbao, from Gothenburg and Foodsharing Taiwan. We are in touch with existing foodsaving networks who have shown interest in testing the tool once it presents sufficient features for them.