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Welcome to the yunity project wiki. Here you will find the most up to date information on the project.

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A society based on self-determination, trust and cooperation which allows people to live to their full potential and to preserve ecosystems for all living beings.  


We encourage relationships where people can share their time, skills and resources, unconditionally. Through these connections and communities we prevent waste and raise awareness for a sustainable way of living.

Primary objective 

(What has been written here before became obsolete. What it could be replaced with is discussed right now. Have a look here for more details.)

Organization of yunity

update coming soon!

titleoutdated but very nice Prezi about our structure



Useful links (Official website)

 Facebook (Fanpage)

slack.pngSlack (Chat)

trello16.jpgTrello (Tasks)

google-drive.pngGoogle Drive (Temporary documents)

github.pngGitHub (Development)

Reddit (SubReddit)


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