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Navigation instruction

You can navigate the wiki via sidebar and the links to subsites (childrenpages) inside the page.

The option of navigating the sites via inter linkage depends highly on you helping to interlink related topics. If you find a word in a text that should lead to another wiki site go to EDIT > mark the word you want as link > press Crtl + K > start to enter the name of the site you want to link to in the search bar and choose it as soon as it pops up


Team statement

For a social project like yunity social capital is the main capital. We work with people for people. The structure team has the task to provide and develop effective and efficient structural frameworks to make it for everyone contributing to yunity easier to participate.

Link for direct communication with structure via slack:

 Slack Chat with us in the #structure channel.


Where find what?

Use ''/'' for free navigation.

The side bar navigation is done by main topics that lead you to the subtopics that are  displayed here for the structure team:



Current team members (alphabetical order) and their responsibilities

Janina Abels

Feels in structure responsible for: project-wide internal communication

Joachim Thome

Feels in structure responsible for: quality of grassroot democratic decision making via syscon 

Doug Webb

Feels in structure responsible for: ...

Paul Free

Feels in structure responsible for collaboration within agile networks and social architecture.

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