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Participants: Paul Free, LaurinaJanina AbelsMatthias LarischBodhi Neiser, Douglas WebbPhilip Engelbutzederfr4nk 0nf1r3, Rosina Klotz, Lisa

Remotely following and commenting: Nick SellenTilmann (and you?)

Day One, Sunday 2017-03-12

Day Two, Monday 2017-03-13

Day Three, Tuesday 2017-03-14

Day Four, Wednesday 2017-03-15

Day Five, Thursday 2017-03-16

Day Six, Friday 2017-03-17

Day Seven, Saturday 2017-03-18

Day Eight, Sunday 2017-03-19

Collection of questions and topics we want to discuss

(Contents of the pad, where questions were collected beforehand)

Legal structures (for Bad Dürrenberg)

Identity and public perception single person and group
→ whish to focus on single persons first

Revolutions vs transition (revolt)

Think about ourselves
Why am I?
what do I conclude from that?
→ don't repeat mistakes

Can one work on all worksites at the same time or does one have to?

Where does one set the limit of questionning?
→ relevance, if it leads to the aim
→ overstep limits regularly

Why yunity?
How yunity?

What kind of structure do we want?
What can we do so that Paul and Butze like Wurzen? ( I feel ppl getting to much in the middle. I have no interest that ppl change the concept because me or butze. There is also the possibility me and butze are completly wrong. Don't give up your dreams cause of pressure! But change it as soon a information changing your context comes in) :-) (Love this comment, thx Paul! - Janina)

    1. Why am I in yunity (personal motivation and expectations)
    2. What is yunity? (project, community, movement, network, tribe, family... what do these words even mean and which one do I think fits best?)
    3. How do I participate in yunity? (Which of my actions are 'yunity actions', what makes them 'yunity actions' and why.)
    4. When do I participate in yunity? (Is it just in some moments or always? Is 'participating in yunity' a lifestyle or a set of actions?)
Matthias (seconding all of janinas):
    What is yunity aiming for/Why is yunity?
    Whom does yunity want to attract?
    Does yunity need a voice by itself, if yes, how does yunity get its voice?

What is sharing?
What are 
trust, encouraging relationships, cooperation/collaboration, a sustainable way of living and self-determination? 
(questions, that arise from the vision and mission statements to which I didn't hear any resistance so far)

what is yunity?
How do we want the world to be?
How can we pass on values and visions?
How can we encourage each other in living our dreams?

Why is there you (me) and the unity (younity)?
What is the reason of me/us?
How do we want to live? How do we want our society? What does that mean for yunity?


Here's a few questions that reflect my current thinking about yunity:

  • What are all the different things that yunity might be right now? (i.e if you asked each person what yunity is, what would the answers be)
  • What are all the different things that yunity could be?
  • Which organisations/groups do people take inspiration from when thinking about what yunity could be?
  • Should yunity be more a project with a detailed mission/plan or more a loose network?
  • Should there be such a concept as being a member of yunity?
  • How should yunity make decisions?
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